The Asian Tsunami
2004 tells its story..

 NEWS: From The Thooku Team
Building Development
The construction of the two storey home was completed and the opening took place on 23 August 2007. It will accommodate 50 children.
Because sustainable livelihood and self reliance is one of Thooku’s goals, we have built a bakery last October and recently made an extension.
A nine-seater van was donated last March by Maharajah Org. We use it for many purposes..
A charity group 'Path to the future' has generously constructed a large playground area for the childrenThis has many features like swings, slides, climbing frames, merry go round etc.

We now have 43 children under our care, the demand for more teachers has therefore increased..
We need funds to improve the education standards and facilities, e.g. purchasing books, stationary, chairs, tables, blackboards, uniforms and shoes.